Individualized program tailored to you.
First visual results within the second week.
Without surgery, creams, or pills.

Heal your back in 15 minutes a day at home.

Restore youth, health, back comfort, and confidence in tomorrow.

The largest spine rehabilitation
center in Europe.

The method is patented

Our method is available in cities and 7 CIS countries.
in 37
Helped people overcome spine issues.
8 500

Clinically tested since 2003, a natural spine rehabilitation method approved by the Russian Academy of Sciences

15 минут
в день, чтобы быть уверенным в завтрашнем дне
Per day, to be confident in tomorrow.
15 min
>8 500
Patients worldwide have already achieved results.
>8 500
Patients worldwide have already achieved results.
20-30 minutes a day, internet access, patience, and the desire to become healthy... and that's it.
No special equipment, bands, weights, or clothing required.
You will need a chair or stool for the exercises.

We will lead you to results.

The main promoters of a
healthy spine in Europe

Trainer, rehabilitologist, spine recovery expert.
Author of the book "6 Steps to a Healthy Spine" and the creator of the most popular blog about a healthy spine.
Has helped more than 1,500 people from around the world regain a healthy spine and a new life.
Founder of the network of healthy spine centers in Russia, Chief Trainer at Aykune, and trains coaches.
Invited speaker on federal TV channels (TVTs and others).
Has been training people for over 8 years. Conducts live and online workouts daily.
Eldar Sheygasanov
Certified trainer and founder of a network of healthy spine centers in Europe.
Isat Magomedovich
Certified trainer. Founder of a network of healthy spine centers in Europe.

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